Oh hi there!

My name is Matt Collin. I’m an Anglo-American economist based in Washington D.C. I’m currently a Young Professional at the World Bank, based in the Office of the Chief Economist for Human Development. Last year I worked in the World Bank’s Global Tax Team. In the past I’ve been a Research Fellow at the Center for Global Development, a Research Officer at the Centre for the Study of African Economies, and an ODI Fellow based in the Ministry of Finance of Malawi.

I did my DPhil (PhD) in Economics at the University of Oxford, where I also obtained an MSc in Economics for Development. For my undergraduate studies I majored separately in Mathematics and Economics at Clemson University.

My research interests – which are frankly all over the place – are generally focused on development economics, including property rights, taxation, illicit financial flows, gender and child development. In addition to this I write about development on the blog Aid Thoughts, which I founded with my friend Ranil Dissanayake.

In addition to these things, I enjoy film, music and writing. You can find some of the (amateur) short films I’ve produced over the years here,  some music I’ve mixed together as an amateur DJ,

My CV is here. You can contact me at mattcollin@gmail.com